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Enhance your glamour with glamHer

" Literally the BEST lipgloss you'd ever purchase! You know the one I'm talking about! The one that feels like vaseline but softer. Like Fenty mixed with MaryKay gloss... I can go on & on but im glad I purchased 2 instead of 1! Long rant short, its fire!

Pinkie Williams

" That lipgloss has my lips like instantly soft & supple! & It lasts honey ! Im in love!

Morghan Borders

" I will be getting all my lipgloss from you for now on. These colors are bomb af! Every black girl need this whole set..."

LaRonda Lanear

" I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS LIPGLOSS. My lips were no longer chapped after just one day. The flavor, smell, CONSISTENCY, texture it's all good."


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